The importance of company branding

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Creating a product or starting a business is always an exciting venture. One of the most important aspects that need attention is your brand. This process isn’t just about giving your product or business a name. It is all about building an image or identity around it that people can associate your product or service with. The kind of image that you build determines how people will react to what you have to offer and its overall success.

The ins and outs of affiliate marketing

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Before we discuss affiliate marketing I would like us to consider one of the older forms of promotions known as word-of-mouth. Put out a good word about something and the belief is people are bound to come try it out. This is a timeless marketing strategy which is still very much effective and is closely linked to affiliate marketing. In fact I like to think of it as a modern twist on an age old game.

Smart marketing strategies that come cheap

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It’s no secret that the economy has not been doing very well all over the globe. Both big and small businesses have been affected by the continuous downfall. Despite this, there are still companies which stand strong and continue to grow. These companies that have seen it through the tough times don’t have any special secret. They are simply able to keep clients interested in what they have to offer. Doing the same thing for your company without spending big bucks is possible. There are a lot of affordable yet effective marketing strategies that can help you do this.

Say you care with a technology gift

technology best promotional gift

Most people spend a great deal of their time in front of a computer or their office desk. In fact many spend more than what they should in these positions. Chances are the same goes with many of your clients. Knowing this, you can take advantage of the situation. What better way could there be to market your company or service to clients than through a computer or office promotional gift?

The charm of promotional products

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A lot of our clients are often skeptical about going for promotional items. Many of them want a different form of advertising or marketing because they feel like this simply doesn’t work. The truth is that promotional items do work as a great advertising scheme for any business or company for many reasons.

The difference between marketing, advertising, PR and branding

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An educational cartoon strip on the difference between marketing, advertising, pr and branding! Pictures say a thousand words so we hope this sheds some light on the topic! 🙂

How to select a corporate gift

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Selecting a promotional product for your clients must be based on the likes of your specific target market and making sure it supports the values that represent your company.

Finding a competitive print partner in Australia

elements of the printing process

Finding the right partner to supply your company with its business printing needs can be tough work, especially if you are new to the print procurement process and are unfamiliar with the rules… You can read here some advice and tips.

Introduction to having a brand identity

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I want you to think of a brand identity as a face. It may be beautifully symmetrical, have chubby cheeks and a small nose. Regardless of how it looks it is an identity with unique features which people either love or dislike…