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We provide cost effective printing solutions. So send us through your print job details today for a quote.

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Our print broker and print management service

We have an easy way for you to get the best price on your printing needs. We offer our streamlined hassle free process to businesses and individuals alike. We take the challenge out of the procurement process and provide our clients with all the benefits of a competitive print quote.

What print brokers do?

Print brokers work in a similar way to mortgage brokers, they know all the providers, understand the tricks of the trade and have access to wholesale and trade prices not available to the public.

At ROSTAMI™ we can match your requirements to the optimal printer. By doing this we can ensure that the correct substrate is used with the appropriate finishing, accurate prepress and imposition. As a result we can provide the best price for your individual communication piece.

What print managers do?

Print managers take the stress out of the print procurement process by providing quality control, warehousing and distribution solutions. Through this process they create financial savings by analysing your existing systems and driving down the costs.

Regardless of what type of printed product and how large or small the print run is, ROSTAMI™ provides you with a tailored solution to meet your needs and provide our competitive service Australia wide. Because we are an independent print provider we can offer you the lowest market price all year round.

How our print service works?

At ROSTAMI™ we provide the best of both worlds — not only do we offer our print brokerage service but also our print management capabilities to corporations, franchises, businesses, non-profit organisations, community groups and individuals based in Brisbane and Australia wide. Our clients are rewarded with a quality printed product and the lowest price.

We know the market and can match your requirements to the most cost effective print solution. If you want value for money, we are a clever decision.

We partner with our clients and step them through the process, giving advice along the way on how to reduce costs. On a typical job we save our clients anywhere between 15% to 60% on their printing needs. Now you do the math, it is well worth your time getting in contact with us.

Regardless of your printing requirements we can advise you on the appropriate action, with associates that do printing for offset (large quantity), digital (small quantity), wide format (1.3m x 50m, A0, A1, A2), screen-printing, on various paper stocks and for different applications.

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How do we get you the best print price?

ROSTAMI™ has done all the running around and deal with over 30 trade only printers locally, nationally and when required internationally to get you the best price for your business printing needs. We review our providers quarterly and pass the savings onto our clients.

Our sales team can manage the entire print process and compete with any existing price you may have. We are able to do this because of our understanding of the print market and our low overheads — running a virtual office has its advantages.

If you say it, we can print it! What fuels us is our knowledge of the industry matched with your requirements.

How to use our free service?

Our sales team can provide you with a competitive price so send through your printing requirements and we will get back to you with a quick quote.

Getting you the best possible deal is all in a day’s work, which will save you hours and it might even give you time to find a new hobby.

Let us take care of your print brokerage, management, prepress, quality control and distribution.

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Our print price list

We are proud to offer our printing services and have produced a print menu including price list. Download a copy for your review.

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Need a quote fast for your printing needs. Feel free to contact us via our enquiry form and try to be as detailed as possible.