Design 101

Design 101

A lot of clients come to us looking for a design service — most of the time they think that we only deal with images. Design refers to more than just one specific area. It can well be about multimedia design, graphic design or mass media design. By having a better understanding of these different forms of design it can be easier to know exactly what you need.

Multimedia Design
Generally this refers to the designs that are created for web use, videos and game design. You usually find a form of multimedia on websites and online videos.

Graphic Design
All designs that are found in print fall under the category of graphic design. This covers a wide range of things from typography to graphics. Most of these are used for brochures, flyers, business cards, stationary, company logos and more.

Mass Media Design
This last form of design refers to those things that are created mostly for television. Commercial advertisements, teasers and the rest are found under this category.

Which One is Best?
After knowing the difference between these forms of design the question may be which is best for your marketing purposes? The answer to this will really depend on what you want to achieve for your business.

If you are looking to market your business gently then graphic design can be the way to go. You can tell people about your business in a common way. The logo that you use, the letters you send out or the brochures that you give to people can all reflect your product or service. On the other hand if you are looking to market your company in the virtual world, then some form of multimedia design may be required. A good website with up-to-date animation or graphics can go a long way. Finally, if what you want is something that can really be seen and noticed then mass media design is called for. There is nothing like having a TV commercial to let everyone know about your business.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to just one form of design. You can market your business with a combination of design forms or all of them. A lot of companies use all three of these and even more to get their message out there. Since each of these have a specific strategic advantage you do not need to worry about saturating your market. In fact, by using all forms of design you can cater to different areas of interests and re-inforce your message at many different levels.

Go ahead and explore the different design services available to see how it can help your business achieve optimal results. Each one has something different to offer.

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