Showing your true colours

Showing your true colours

Did you know that the colours you choose for your marketing or advertising collateral plays a vital role in encouraging sales? The colours that are selected to represent your business shouldn’t merely be for aesthetic reasons. Each colour that goes into any design must support your brand message and ensure business success. Finding the right colours to use goes beyond what looks good in print or on the screen. You need to consider the colour associations and how that relates to your product or service.

The science behind colour
According to studies, customers tend to rely on their sense of sight more when buying a product. Visual appearance plays a large role during the purchase decision making process. With most products very few people depend on their sense of touch. The primary use of sight dates back to the prehistoric age when man was first exposed to colours and nature.

The different colours that we see psychologically represent something much deeper. The use of colours on your product and promotional material sends a specific message to your target audience. The shades and hues that we input allows us to experience different emotions and it stimulates our system in various ways. When consumers experience something positive they are more likely to go ahead with a purchase based on this emotion. Therefore if your product uses colours that can support a positive experience consumers will habitually repeat the purchasing process when required. You can encourage business, build confidence in your product, draw from their emotional bank and more with the correct colour choice. This is because unknowingly people subconsciously judge products or services based on what they see — and colour plays a big role visually.

One of the main advantages of using a specific colour for your product or service is increased brand loyalty. Besides from having a quality product and attractive design it is its colour that helps people quickly associate you with your brand name and why they prefer you. The different shades and hues help the brain to store information better. It also helps it process the information and related emotions. Thus by using colour you can help consumers remember your brand and the related associations.

Studies show that using colour can also help emphasise a point, convey information and increase comprehension. Using the appropriate colour allows consumers to not only notice you but also allows for attention to be maintained.

So the next time that you need a design, make sure that you pay attention to the colours in use. It is a vital component of the silent sales pitch.

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