What to do when you’re really bored in the office

What to do when you’re really bored in the office

I’ve compiled little ways for you to throw boredom out the window during office hours:

  1. Play office tag. We’re going to bend the rules a little. Instead of actually getting up from your comfy cubicles and running around like crazy you’re going to have to stay in your seats. What the “IT” person has to do is to find a way to get another colleagues attention without:

    a. Calling that colleague’s name out loud
    b. Physically touching them
    c. Throwing any item at the colleague

    You will know you are successful if the targeted colleague physically makes any sound or movement that shows his attention has been grabbed. He is now the next “IT” player. And so on and so forth.

  2. Switch around the contents of your office drawers. This is best done if there are two of you. Wait for lunch break or stay until everyone has gone home, pretending to be absorbed with some extra credit work. Express your shock and surprise with everyone else once drawers have been opened.
  3. Introduce a new office pet. Some popular choices are reptiles (any kind), furry spiders (non-poisonous), rodents (small to medium-size only) and fish.
  4. Hide all the office staplers. Volunteer to run to the nearest office supply store when the boss notices. Spend the rest of the day sipping coffee at your favourite joint. Tell a really amazing story about how the Office Supply store got caught in a really intense drama between a long lost father and a son near the paper clip section (insert disclaimer notice here).
  5. Compose a jingle for your company. Write down earnest lyrics and form a band with your other musically capable colleagues. Practice every night and break into a live impromptu set the next time the CEO visits. Propose this to be the next step in innovative marketing.
  6. Stand near the photocopy machine and tell everybody who needs to use the machine that it’s broken. Tell them you know how to fix it but it will require 50 cents per hour.
  7. Scream for about 5 seconds in complete horror. When asked about it, tell your boss that you read a blog written by the rival company that stated a complete fabrication about his company. Tell your boss you have the solution for this and will go on an intensive online marketing counter-strategy. Say you need a whole month off while you plan out your next step.
  8. Buy sandwiches for everybody. Hug the colleague to your left. Then break out into a cheerful little giggle.

I hope that puts a smile on your face. If all else fails, go online and find amazing deals on promotional USBs, which you can give out as corporate giveaway for your next party 🙂

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