The joys of USBs

So why are USBs just so nifty? I have a bunch of reasons mostly because I’m one of those people who finds joy with technology at my fingertips. Below is my 2 cents, enjoy the read!

Less Paper Waste
It’s good for the environment. Gone are the days wherein you print piles on promotional material and hand them out to prospective clients. Any practical-minded company would know that transferring relevant data from computer to computer is what truly works. Most of the time, all these paper manuals end up as recycled paper. Worse, they head straight to the trash. With innovative design and to the point data, written materials work better transmitted digitally. Think of all the possibilities included there. Sounds, visuals, interactive elements… the list goes on.

Cool Giveaways
Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to find a better item to give away to our clients. USBs are fun and can carry a lot of data. It’s just the wisest thing to spend a small amount of money on. Umbrellas are cool too but just how many rainy days can you count on as opposed to the times you need to be in front of a computer? The idea doesn’t stop there. Obviously, if you can give this away to your clients, why not give them away as a Christmas gift too? I don’t know about you but I’d definitely prefer a cool looking USB under my Christmas tree than another pair of socks. It is the age of technology and surely even Grandma would appreciate this handy device.

Other Fun things a USB can do
I love the fact that USBs can double as MP3 players. Not only can you carry your entire music collection with you, you can continuously add to it! You won’t be stuck with the same boring old tunes forever if you uploading new songs. Plug it in and play, baby!

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