Promotional USB sticks and how it wows its users

Promotional USB Sticks are here to stay and it will forever amaze users with innovations each coming year. Yes, it is true that these gadgets undergo technological advancements almost every year as manufacturers are trying to find means of enticing a larger group of individuals and motivating the skeptics into using them. Computer literate workers […]

King of the USB

So who in the world invented the USB? The answer goes by the name of Ajay Bhatt. He was working for the company Intel when the great idea descended upon him. Mr. Bhatt is an Indian-American who has been active in developing several nifty technological products. Aside from the USB, he also helped develop and […]

The joys of USBs

So why are USBs just so nifty? I have a bunch of reasons mostly because I’m one of those people who finds joy with technology at my fingertips. Below is my 2 cents, enjoy the read! Less Paper Waste It’s good for the environment. Gone are the days wherein you print piles on promotional material […]

Making your promotional USB standout

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the many gadgets that have come out, promotional USB’s are now more popular. Most of the companies that seek advertising today are turning to this promotional item to give to their clients. With the number of companies going for the same marketing scheme how can you make sure […]